Feeling Sluggish? – Krill Oil Energy

Life is exhausting, especially in our North American culture of trying to squeeze 38 hours into a 24 hour day. We’re addicted to work, but we want to have our cake, and eat it to.

We wake up and rush to get ready to rush through breakfast to rush to work to rush to pick up the kids to rush to the gym and through a work out so that we can rush home and get some sleep to do it all over again. Somewhere in there, we’re also trying to be parents, partners, friends, moviegoers and chess champions!

It’s no wonder we’re constantly hitting the snooze button, having that third cup of coffee followed by a piece of chocolate and an energy drink before running to the washroom to splash cold water on our faces. We’re tired!

There are numerous healthy ways to try and boost more energy into your bones without constantly looking for a quick fix. I have mentioned a few tricks from the trade in other blogs on this site, however, today, I want to specifically address the power of omega 3’s in promoting a significant boost to your energy levels, both physically and mentally. I then also explain the difference in utilizing fish oil energy sources vs krill oil energy sources, as there are important distinctions between the two that are certainly worth exploring. But first…


The fatty acids in omega-3’s are very similar to the fat found in the human body. Two very critical types of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, are essential to healthy brain function. Omega-3’s provide a simple way to boost DHA and EPA levels in the brain, which results in increased energy, focus and attention. As the brain is composed largely of fatty acids, the under consumption of omega-3’s can lead to mental fatigue, illness and memory related difficulties.

Omega-3’s are also critical in promoting cardiovascular health. Some would argue that this is their strongest, and most important function when it comes to supporting your health. When your cardiovascular system is operating at optimal levels, blood is flowing freely throughout your body, replenishing your blood with fresh oxygen. When your circulation is moving at full speed, you will feel the rejuvenation constantly ‘pumping through your veins’.

One last note, on omega-3’s and their ability to give your energy levels a lift is that each gram of fat from omega-3’s delivers 9 calories. Carbohydrates and proteins provide only 4 calories per gram. Fat is also oxidized at a slower rate within your body, which means that the energy it is providing lasts longer.
Because achieving optimal omega-3 intake on a daily basis through food sources, is becoming more and more difficult given our busy schedules, millions of Americans are turning to fish oil and krill oil supplements as a means of ensuring they are getting the essential fatty acids that our bodies need to thrive.

Fish Oil

While fish oils are an incredible source of omega-3’s, unfortunately, many leading brands available today don’t have the resources, ethical codes of conduct, or finances to manufacture superior products. Because of this, many fish oils will contain up to 70% fillers, which means you could be receiving as low as just 30% of your intended omega-3 intake.

Another concern with fish oil products is that many fish used for harvest in fish oil supplements, are predatory fish, which often means they contain potentially dangerous levels of mercury, dioxin and/or PCB’s. Consuming contaminants such as these on a daily level will cause a breakdown in the immune system – leaving you open to fatigue, illness and disease.

Krill Oil

Viva Labs Krill Oil however, is derived from 100% krill, which means that each serving is providing you with optimal omega-3 concentrations, and because of that, optimal omega-3 benefits.

Because krill, are at the bottom of the food chain, they are not a predatory marine presence, which alleviates concerns regarding the presence of the contaminants and pollutants that so many fish oil products contain.

Lastly, krill have incredibly potent antioxidant power. So much so, that krill oil is actually able to provide 54 x more antioxidants than competing fish oil products. Antioxidants equal cell protection. Cell protection equals a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system equals a healthy, vibrant you.

Above All

Your health is vital. If you’re searching for an omega-3 supplement that will help provide a boost to your day – seek out superior products that go the extra mile. Above all, if you choose a marine based omega -3 supplement, look for products that have been third party tested through the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards program), are manufactured in FDA approved facilities and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (also known as GMP). I wish you all the best as you continue to work towards true holistic health!

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