Omega 3 Side Effects: Take Precaution

You may wonder if Krill Oil and other omega 3 supplements have any harmful side effects. The answer is not a simple one, and it really depends on the individual. That is why we strongly encourage you to see your general practitioner before including omega 3 supplements (or any supplement for that matter) to your diet. You may have noted that we recommend several times throughout this blog, that you speak with your health care practitioner. We do so because it is always important that your family doctor is fully aware of any changes in your health care regime.

Generally speaking, any persons with the conditions mentioned should certainly seek the advice of their medical practitioner regarding omega-3 supplementation and dosage recommendations:

  • If you suffer from diabetes, a bleeding disorder of any kind, have heart disease or  high blood pressure
  • If you are taking prescription medication
  • If you are taking blood thinning medication

Choosing a superior product like Viva Labs Krill Oil, will likely be considered not only safe, but powerfully beneficial for most people. It is your health we’re talking about however, and we want you armed with all the information possible as you decide what is best for the needs surrounding your personal health.

Effects on Medication

If you are taking any medications, again, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider if you are going to add any supplements to your diet. Specific medications could have reactions with Krill Oil and it’s important that your doctor is in the know so that he or she can deduce any possible interactions. More than likely your practitioner will want to monitor your progress by taking blood-tests to ensure that the additional supplement is not having any negative side effects on your body.

If You have Diabetes

Too much omega-3 supplementation can cause high blood sugar in individuals with Diabetes. Once again, we’re going to say it, see your doctor if you plan on adding omega 3 supplementation to your daily health care regime. You and your doctor will be able to monitor your blood sugar levels more closely with the introduction of an omega-3 supplement.

If You have High Blood Pressure

Given the proven cardiovascular benefits of Krill Oil, you may wonder why we would suggest being cautious about using Krill Oil if you suffer from high blood pressure. If you are already taking medication to lower blood pressure, taking omega-3 supplementation in addition could actually drop your blood pressure even further. Once again, it is important to consult with your doctor.

If You are on Blood Thinning Medication (anticoagulants)

Krill Oil, and other omega 3 supplements, stop platelets from clumping together and will often cause thinning in the blood. If you duplicate the blood-thinning effect by taking blood-thinners with Krill Oil, it could lead to negative reactions if not monitored properly. Too much of a good thing can be bad as they say. We’ll say it again, talk to your doctor!

If You Plan to Use Krill Oil for Depression

This study and many more are beginning to strongly correlate increasing the amount of omega 3’s in a diet for treating depression. Certain psychiatrists assign omega 3 supplementation to work alongside anti-depressants for patients needing an added boost in feelings of personal well-being. When making decisions regarding your mental health, it is certainly important to speak with your medical and psychiatric practitioners

Side Effects that Can Impact Anyone

When you introduce anything new to your health care regime, physical reactions are bound to occur. The following are side effects that are common from taking Krill Oil. The severity and presence of the side effect depends on the individual.

  1. Some people may be allergic to shellfish, which means they would certainly have an allergic reaction as krill are tiny crustaceans living deep in the oceanic community.
  2. Krill Oil thins the blood. If you are going to have surgery, be sure to stop taking the Krill Oil two weeks before the surgery. Make sure to inform your doctor of your Krill Oil supplementation before any surgery.


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