What Does Krill Oil Do For You?

It’s a fair question! Given that Viva Naturals, is clearly invested in marketing our products to consumers interested in investing in long term healthy lifestyle changes, it’s fair for you – the consumer – to want to know exactly why you should be choosing to use Krill Oil as a supplement?

In this article, I’ll specifically address the advantages of choosing a krill Oil supplement to address specific health concerns, while also pointing out why you would choose Krill Oil supplements over leading fish oil brands. Let’s get into it.

Advantages of Krill Oil

To be honest, the advantages surrounding Krill Oil as an omega-3 supplement, are almost endless. You will find research, studies and trials that will back Krill Oil’s ability to address health issues surrounding; auto immune disorders, behavioral problems in children, certain types of cancers, eye health, liver health, Diabetes, cardiovascular health, joint inflammation, depression and symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. As I continue to research and write about the benefits surrounding the use of Krill Oil and it’s numerous health benefits, I will get into each of these health concerns in more detail. In the meantime however, I would like to address four of the most popular known benefits behind using Krill Oil daily for omega-3 supplementation.

Promoting Cardiovascular Health

The American Heart Association has strongly pushed the necessity of omega 3 fatty acids in support of cardiovascular health. Extensive clinical evidence and blind to blind trials have gone on to suggests that omega 3’s help reduce risk factors associated with heart disease such as high cholesterol and hypertension. These essential fatty acids have also been shown to slow the development of blood clots and plaque that clogs arteries. People taking sufficient doses of omega 3’s on a regular basis will have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

Reducing Joint Inflammation

Clinical research has also shown omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation. Reduced joint inflammation lowers the risks of diseases associated with chronic pain such as arthritis. People suffering from both; Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis have reported significantly reduced joint pain and joint stiffness.

Assisting With PMS

A superior omega-3 supplement like Krill Oil will work reduce the pain from symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome while also working to balance mood swings, boost cognitive function, and improve feelings of personal well-being – acting as a completely holistic form of relief. Because Krill Oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it will also work to alleviate uncomfortable bloating.


Numerous clinical studies have found omega 3 fatty acids will help provide relief from some of the debilitating symptoms associated with depression.  There is evidence to prove that people who took omega 3 fatty acids in conjunction with prescription medications have noted a significant improvement in symptoms as opposed to relying solely on prescription antidepressants. Some clinical trials involving women have also reported that omega 3’s played a large role in conquering postpartum depression.

Daily omega-3 supplementation (specifically using omega-3 supplementation that stands above the rest in quality, purity and concentration) will boost ones overall feelings of personal well-being and self value.

What’s The Advantage of Krill Oil Over Fish Oil?

Krill oil and fish oil both contain the essential fatty acids that are so impactful to our holistic health. Krill Oil however, does not contain heavy metals that are harmful to the body. Krill Oil also contains a powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin that cannot be found in fish oil supplements. Because of this, Krill Oil provides 54% the antioxidant power than leading fish oil products.

Why Use Krill Oil Supplements?

Krill Oil is a supplement that continues to surprise us with its numerous impactful benefits. Included in the health benefits of Krill Oil supplements, is the fact that Krill Oil omega-3’s are stored in what’s called a phospholipid form. Phospholipids are natural fats that are found in your body. What does this mean to you? It means your body isn’t doing any added work converting the essential fatty acids once they’re in your system. Because your body isn’t doing double time, trying to convert your omega-3’s in order to utilize they’re benefits, absorption rate is that much faster – allowing your body to reap the benefits of a high purity omega-3’s, right away.

Other benefits of Krill Oil pills as a means of getting your daily omega-3 intake, include the fact that you won’t have to experience some of the negative symptoms often associated with fish oil pills – like an upset stomach, or those unsavory (often embarrassing) fish burps. The reason you are able to avoid these uncomfortable side effects – is again because of the phospholipid form that omega-3’s are stored in with krill oils.

Faster omega-3 absorption for quick, optimal health benefits – without the fish burps. It’s a win/win!

Good To Know – Other Krill Oil Effects

Naturally, we always suggest speaking with your health care practitioner about all supplements, or medications you are taking.

Because krill are tiny crustaceans living deep in oceanic communities worldwide, there are very high chances, that anyone suffering from a shellfish allergy, or intolerance, will also have allergies and intolerances to krill and all krill based products. We recommend consulting your physician regarding finding an Omega 3 supplement that does meet the needs surrounding your health – as omega-3’s are so impactful in their numerous health benefits.

If you do choose to invest in a fish oil because of shellfish allergies, Viva Naturals personally puts its stamp of approval on a fish oil product called Omega Select. Manufactured by Viva Naturals, Omega Select is one of the few fish oils available on the market today that goes the extra mile in eliminating toxins and fillers – to guarantee a 90% concentration. It is an impressive product – for a fish oil that is!

One of the major benefits of Krill Oil – could also be a concern to some health care practitioners depending on the situation of your cardiovascular health. Krill Oil will inhibit plaque and blood clots in the arteries – it could also be potentially dangerous leading up to a surgery as it may increase the risk of bleeding. It is probably best to stop taking Krill Oil supplements at least two weeks before a scheduled survey however, again, as always – it is best to speak with your health care practitioner!

I do hope you found this article informative, and that some of the questions you may have had coming in, regarding Krill Oil supplements, Fish Oil supplements, the difference between the two – and most importantly – how this applies to YOUR personal health – were addressed.

I encourage you to also research, research, research. This is after all, your health we’re talking about. Talk to your doctor, investigate your health goals, and choose a supplement that provides quality, meets IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), and takes your health concerns seriously.

I hope you’re feeling great!


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