What, Where and How – All About Krill Oil

What IS Krill Oil?

Everyone is talking about it. Even Dr. Oz called Krill Oil “the new omega-3 power source”, which, is a powerful statement considering the food sources and (literally) thousands of supplements that provide omega-3’s to the human body. So what’s so special about krill oil? A LOT actually, but we’ll get into that in a moment. First, let’s get some basic questions out of the way.

Where Does Krill Oil Come From?

At the very, very bottom of the oceanic food chain, are tiny, shrimp like crustaceans of which there are approximately 500,000,000 tons in the Antarctic Ocean alone. Considering krill reside in every ocean worldwide, one can only imagine the abundance of krill in the marine community.

Because of their powerful omega-3 concentration, and antioxidant power, krill have started to receive international attention amongst the medical, naturopathic, dietary and homeopathic communities. Krill oil is fast being recognized as one of the most important omega-3 sources available on the market today.

Are Krill Sustainable?

Considering the increasing concern with the harvesting of fish for human consumption, and the huge quantities of krill available, already we can begin to see that it is also a powerful choice when we think in terms of sustainability. Within Antarctica, krill harvesting is also highly regulated by the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. Because of this, less than one percent of the krill population is harvested on an annual basis, making krill one of the most sustainable choices available when it comes to omega-3 supplementation.

What Do Krill Eat?

Krill feed off of phytoplankton and zooplankton, which are incredibly rich in nutrients. In fact, marine based foods often far out do land based food sources in powerful micro-nutrients. Because they live on a sustainable, nutrient rich diet, krill are not only a powerhouse source when it comes to omega-3’s, they are also one of the most incredible sources of antioxidants out there.

How is Krill Oil Made?

Manufacturers worldwide use many different means when it comes to extracting oil from a food source. Viva Labs extracts its krill oil at a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified laboratory. We use a patented cold-vacuum extraction process that allows optimal purity and concentration, while preventing any potentially harmful levels of heavy metals or other contaminants. In layman’s terms, out cold-vacuum extraction method allows us to obtain oil from krill in an atmosphere with no oxygen or light at temperatures as low as 70ºF. This protects the oil from any outside contaminants. Very superior olive oils are often also produced using a similar process.

So back to the question:

What’s so special about krill oil?


Essentially, krill oil provides all of the health benefits associated with giving your body optimal omega-3 levels – while being a sustainable choice – and a superior omega-3 source because of its added antioxidant benefits!

Some of the incredible health benefits associated with choosing to add krill oil to your daily nutritional health care plan include; promoting your cardiovascular health and balanced cholesterol levels, boosting your cognitive function and memory capabilities, a reduction in joint inflammation, a proactive lift to your overall mood and feelings of personal well-being, and relief (for those of us that need it) from some of the symptoms associated with premenstrual system.

I this blog answered some of the questions you may have had concerning krill, and the benefits associated with choosing a krill oil. There are literally thousands of supplements on the market today – and it’s important to understand what you’re taking – and why.

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