A healthy heart leads to a better life and a happier you! by Tevyn

A healthy heart leads to a better life and a happier you!
By: Tevyn Howard

In my family, heart health is very important. My father and I are diabetics so it is easy for us to contract heart disease. A person will definitely change their life style choices when presented with a health scare.
We changed our eating habits to fat free foods and a no red meat diet. Studies show that people who eat less red meat are less likely to develop heart disease. Cutting back your saturated fat and cholesterol intake can provide your heart some happy years. Once your heart starts getting clogged by all the fats, you can say bye bye to your healthy heart.

Besides changing your diet, another way to keep your heart pumping healthy is exercising. My dad and I teamed up to do workouts to make sure our hearts keep beating until we are old as dirt. Changing your life style could be as little as getting off the couch and leaving those potato chips and take a walk outside and feel the breeze in your face. I know people in their 60’s outside taking a stroll while couch potatoes my age are sitting inside wasting the day away. Even taking a walk once or twice a day can keep your heart in optimal shape.

A healthy heart leads to a better life, and a happier you. When your heart is healthy you don’t have to spend your days in the hospital when you could be you could be touring the world. So make those lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, taking time out in your week to relax from all your stresses, change your diet to fat free foods, and get off that couch.

When your heart is healthy, your body is healthy because the two most important organs are your HEART and your brain and one cannot function without the other. I believe in my experience that your diet is what mainly impacts your heart.

Your family could have had heart problems but you can help prevent heart complications through choices in your diet. If you really want to promote a healthy heart the first lifestyle change, has to be your diet. If you like having bacon in the morning for breakfast, how about trying out turkey bacon, lessening your portion size of regular bacon, or choosing a different butter? All of these choices factor in to having a healthy heart and it’s up to you to make decisions that promote heart health.

Holistic well -being depends on your choices and only your choices. You have to want to have a holistically healthy well being to actually change your lifestyle and have a healthy heart. If someone else is putting pressure on you, trust me, you will be telling them you are going to the grocery store but you really just went to get a burger from up the street. If you want a healthy heart and a holistic well being you must make sure you have support, a routine, exercise plan, try new cooking styles, and get checked by your doctor regularly. Having a healthy heart will lead to a happier you because it will make you wake up in the morning and take the world by storm.