A Precious Asset

A Precious Asset
By: Memoree Shamone McEntyre

“There is in every human heart, Some not completely barren part, Where seeds of truth and love might grow, And flowers of generous virtue flow; To plant, to watch, to water there, This be our duty, be our care” a quote describing the heart by Sir John Bowring. A heart is significant to every human’s well being and some need to learn that the hard way. The health of one’s heart impacts the way they physically function, their emotions and one’s overall health, I should know by experience.

As a child growing up, my father worked long hours and my mother worked even longer hours, so I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. Every morning my grandmother would take me to my favorite place to eat at the time, a fast food restaurant, and I got to eat whatever I wanted. Then to make manners worse, as soon as my mother got off work she was very tired, so most of the time we ate out, whatever was most convenient; and most of the time the most convenient did not equal the healthiest food choice.

So due to these unhealthy eating habits I was overweight, which to me was the worst characteristic of my being; simply because I was bullied. I was bullied all the way up through elementary school and into middle school. This affected my self -esteem and also held me back from doing what I loved to do the most, play basketball. I constantly took ridicule because I was overweight- one characteristic that my peers felt was enough to count me out for the basketball team.

My seventh grade year I matured physically and even began to encourage my family to take the initiative to eat healthier. However, I had not fully recovered mentally and emotionally from the bullying, so I wore a mask that hid my true feelings of depression. When I reached literally the lowest point of my life, I reached out to my sister, Angel, and she gave me advice. She said, “Memoree, you are beautiful no matter what anyone else sees, God sees your beauty and you should too.” That was during the summer before ninth grade and that moment my life changed significantly.
As I entered high school, I got the strength the try out for the Women’s Basketball team. I did not make it but the following summer I worked diligently every day, hour after hour to make sure that I made it the next school year. I put my heart and soul into basketball every time I practiced, and I brought my parents with me. I helped my mother find healthy, easy recipes that she or even I could make. We all began to shed pounds, together, as a family.

The next year I tried out for the basketball team and made it. My skills have improved over time and my love for the game has increased as well. My family supports me even today as I play on the women’s varsity basketball team. My healthy heart carries me to heights I would have never reached if I did not take care of it. As one thinks of a heart, remember that it not only pumps blood into our systems; it impacts our emotional, mental and physical health as well. So take care of it.

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