Changing the way you look at change

Changing the way you look at change

Change often includes difficult steps most try to avoid and even fight, but essential to all. Almost a natural instinct to not accept, some changes do not have the luxury to wait. In fact, health is one of these changes many perceive as a labored change but promoting a healthy heart and holistic well-being can make it effortless.

Heart health seems to be an area of wellness we all take for granted, making it a leading cause of death in America today. It’s ironic, that the most important organ is least taken care of! What is also ironic is how easy the heart actually is to take care of.

Beginning with diet, foods low in Trans fat and saturated fat do not tamper with good cholesterol. Avoiding fast foods and foods with too much salt keeps the blood pressure normal. Even by just adding garlic or compensating for the use of extra virgin olive oil in everyday cooking can help lower cholesterol. The most manageable alteration to the diet could be as easily done as adding water! Sounds like a silly infomercial selling some useless gag item, but staying hydrated actually helps the entire body.

Exercise, is important for heart health, a topic that often leads to temper tantrums. The problem isn’t the exercise, but the strain we put on ourselves. Starting a routine at your own pace (“at your own pace” being the key phrase) is all your heart asks for. A short session of thirty minutes of physical activity, be it a walk around the park or a brief game of basketball, keeps your heart pumping blood efficiently. Maintaining an average weight and ceasing bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, keep the body’s vitamins and minerals resulting in a proficient lifestyle.

Health has many definitions; however, the one that makes the most impact is the definition that also looks after one’s mind and spirit alongside their physical health. When our holistic health is at risk, it naturally affects all areas of our health. Bodies are like a collection of gears, working together to as efficiently as possible, and picking up the slack for the gears that are lacking. Always termed a positive lifestyle change, holistic health benefits all aspects of life. Fortunately holistic activities mean many things, from homeopathy to healing crystals. Acupuncture is a wonderful example, healing the body by releasing any stagnation of chi along meridians and it found to aid in the relief of stress. Yoga is also an excellent choice. Combining exercise with meditation, yoga rewards it’s practitioner with mental, physiological, and spiritual health.

Do not oppose change, but be open to it. No matter how rigid your lifestyle may be, it’s up to you to take full advantage of your health. Being healthy is not another complex burden, but an effortless obligation challenging us to be the best we can be. Lifestyle change? I see it more as an enlightened choice. A decision made by the realized, a test with all the obvious answers, health could definitely be achieved by the most lenient of means.