Don’t Miss A Beat!

Don’t Miss A Beat!
By: Karen Sandoval

In the United States one of the biggest health issues is heart disease. Growing and taking lives of many people, there are ways that individuals can protect and prevent themselves from an unhealthy heart. Diet and exercise are the popular answers, but what about other unique methods?

It takes courage, strength and commitment to keep a diet. Individuals have to make a choice in their foods, but it can be fun. Keeping in mind that the only benefits is a healthier lifestyle and heart, why not make it fun? Simple things such as switching from fried to oven baked food or switching a salad for a dessert can definitely cut down some unnecessary fat and risks. Crazy diets? Not for everyone. One has to find out what they like and what they don’t. With a few changes in diet, anyone can slowly transition to a balanced and delicious meal.

If the switching foods are too hard, there is another solution! Only 30 minutes a day of simply walking can reduce risks. Everyone knows exercise promotes a healthy heart, but no one wants to spend hours at the gym when they can’t control their diet easily. Simply half an hour (as long as a television sitcom) is needed to cut nasty diseases out. Walk to your mailbox about twenty times and you’re done! Walk your pet, or go around the block, it’s that simple to obtain a healthier lifestyle.

So being realistic, not everyone is going to be able to change diets or get active or both! Even I have be victim to laziness and eating junk food. Luckily with a large campus I can commit to at least an hour of walking daily. Foods I can pick and try to pick the healthiest. Fortunately when all else fails there is one activity that I can always do!

Grab those headphones and play your favorite tunes. That’s right it is as simple as that. This “music therapy” can help ease the heart and prevent diseases. Think about it. When you grab your favorite music, you just want to dance and sing bringing up your mood and calming the heart. The most fun alternative that anyone can do!

No one wants to suffer from a heart disease. Being the top cause of death in both men and women the loss of a loved one affects families and the nation. Luckily, there are many ways that one can promote a healthy heart. Individuals first need to find what they are most comfortable doing. If diet can be changed then they can work on that. If getting up and walking for half an hour is easier then they can start on that. If a diet or exercise is hard to complete, then just grabbing a music player should be easier. All these activities can start from small changes in one’s Life.

When participating in an activity there should be one big motivator: a healthier heart. This vital organ is strong, but delicate and needs to be in the best condition in order to enjoy Life! Anyone can begin to change their lifestyle knowing the great benefits a healthy can bring. Change does not mean drastic. The best way towards a healthier lifestyle and heart is to switch small things (such as meals or adding an active task). This way, things are easy and anyone can maintain their course to a healthier status. There is absolutely nothing to lose when there is commitment to be healthier and with simple changes (such as food or getting active or listening to music) anyone can promote a healthier lifestyle.

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