Have an Unhealthy Heart or Live Smart

Have an Unhealthy Heart or Live Smart

An individual will feel no obligation to change his or her lifestyle to promote a healthy heart and holistic well- being, until they are faced with personal challenges and adversities that force them to build more conscience healthy habits. Many people arduously struggle to make decisions to exercise regularly and eat foods that are beneficial to their body. If a person wants to obtain and promote a healthy heart and holistic way of life, he or she has to change their eating habits, exercise habits, thought process, and depend on the spiritual strength from God to remain motivated and consistent.

To resist cheesecake with its velvety, rich, and creamy texture topped with an overflowing amount of strawberry compote to eat organically grown, washed, and drained lettuce heads, is a temptation all are sure to fail without strict discipline needed to withstand the test. Honesty is the best policy. If people were to be honest with themselves, they would all be found guilty of frolicking around with their health when they come into eye sight with something mouth watering and pleasing to their bellies.

I am guilty of choosing to pig out on the couch on an early Saturday morning, instead of starting my day by running a lap or two around Valdosta State’s track field. On those lazy days, the most exercise I get is in my fingers from flicking the channels back and forth with the remote in my hand. I try my best to limit those types of days as much as possible.

However, throughout the rest of the week, I do make up for those lazy Saturdays when I choose to walk from building to building instead of taking the bus to get to all of my classes. Or maybe I walk because the buses are never on time and I do not want to end up late to all of my classes. I may not spend laborious hours in the gym, but with either reason that I have for walking, I am glad that I do walk. That is a guaranteed exercise that I execute five days out of the week and I have noticed the difference in my energy levels. It may not be much, but it is a start. As the cliché goes, you have to walk before you can run, and I do mean that in its most literal context. As a result of this change in route to classes, I am more alert in class, I have maintained a small body weight, and my calf muscles have gotten nicely toned. The small step I made in changing the way I get to my classes, helped to lay a firm foundation for me to build upon and brought about more healthy changes in my life such as my skin.

A personal struggle I dealt within my adolescent years was acne. The appearance of my skin mirrored the way I took care of my body. It had unfortunately begun to creep its way into my young adult years. I have a nice brown complexion with golden undertones, but my skin did not have that glistening glow that is portrayed by the women in the magazines. The temporary solution to my horrific reality was to envision myself as one of the women modeling in the ads for Banana Boat suntan lotion. They always seemed to be on an exotic sand beach with the luminous rays of sunlight seductively hitting their skin in all the right places. This temporary solution forever remained a fantasy, but I sought after the goal of obtaining perfect, even tone skin.

I was ignorant to the fact that the foods you eat and the beverages you drink, contribute to the appearance of your skin, the smell and color of bodily secretions and urine, and the smell of a person’s flatulence. These listed effects the body undergoes from the intake of improper foods are certainly not limited to just those mentioned. Cranberry juice cocktail was a personal weakness of mine and my body showed it through the acne breakouts that were aggressively forming on my face. I thought that no product was working, so I continued to poorly take care of my body. I may not have fully conquered the temptation of resisting cheesecake for lettuce, but I have surely conquered the choice to drink more water and less juice so that I can get less breakouts.

I began my journey of testing every commercial acne product on the market. What were the results? Acne still remained, unhealthy eating habits were still practiced, and finger exercises with the remote were still performed. I battled with short patience. It was the result of my experiementation with so many different acne products. If I did not experience noticeable improvements in my skin within two weeks of my use of the product, then in the trash it would go. I had a problem with consistency. I became exhausted with this ongoing battle.

I finally decided to do away with chemically created acne products, mechanically processed foods, and high fructose syrup filled juices. I changed my thought process and realized that if I wanted to be better, I had to think better and do better. I spent hours online doing research on overall holistic living. I came into the wonderful discovery of Raw African Black Soap that is completely organic. It helps heal acne scars, reduce pimples, prevent breakouts, and moisturizes the skin. It does everything I need it to do and it has worked better than any commercial line acne product I have ever used.

Through my consistency, I have experienced jaw dropping results. I have completely cut out unhealthy eating, drinking, and have included more organic fresh fruits and raw vegetables in my diet. I learned that the key to a healthy heart and holistic lifestyle is an inclusive transformation of mind, body, and soul. It is attainable to all who desire to achieve a healthier happier life.