Heart Beat by Sophie

Heart Beat
By: Sophie Forcioli

Heart health affected my family when I was at a very young age. I come from a big Italian family and my Grandfather Giacamo passed away from a heart attack when I was three years old, and although I was very young I will never forget being at the hospital with my whole family crying. I looked up at my mother crying and asked her what was happening. That was the first time I ever heard the words “heart-attack” and immediately hated those words from then on, because I was being exposed to such tragedy so early on.

A few years later my mother and father went to through a very difficult divorce and my father moved away to Arizona with his new girlfriend and my mother moved away to Colorado to get away from things she could not handle at home. At twelve years old this left my older brother and I in Illinois, parentless, and having to move in with my elderly Grandmother Rosa.

My Grandmother Rosa’s husband was the Grandfather that died from a heart-attack when I was three, so this meant me and my brother were moving in with my widowed grandmother. My Grandmother Rosa used to look at me and say, “I miss my love.” referring to my Grandfather Giacamo. My Grandmother Rosa was a wonderful person to be around, but I always noticed such sadness about her because my Grandfather was not around due to his heart-attack. That one day when my Grandfather had his heart-attack affected the rest of my life. I am the youngest person in my family and the only one that never got to really know my Grandfather Jack. My family always tells stories about my Grandfather Jack and it is always in my head how different my life would be if he never had that heart-attack and what it would be like if I knew him more.

I am now currently a sophomore at Northern Illinois University and was accepted into the Nursing Program. I just finished all my pre-requisites and will begin the Nursing Program this spring 2013. The health field has always been something of interest to me since I was young. I want to be someone that prevents small children from never getting to know their family members because of heart-attacks or other health problem. I want to nurse people back to good health and prevent widows from ever having to say to their grandchildren “I miss my love”. I want to be there for people the way some people in my life never were to me. The health field to me is something that people should not be scared of, but something that they feel complete comfort in. Although I had a negative association with the words “heart-attack” which most people do, I want to be the kind of nurse that helps save people from having that negative association with those words and be someone that did something in my profession from saving a loved one from those two words.