Heart Disease: Impacts on me and my Family

Heart Disease: Impacts on me and my Family
By: Lindsay Hill

Heart disease is one of the top causes of death for men and women in Canada (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2012). My family has a history of cancer, dementia, diabetes and stroke. Thankfully, though, we have no history of heart disease in my family. Heart disease is interesting because of the many risk factors that can contribute to it. There are risk factors that you cannot control: age, family history, and ethnicity. It is unfortunate that there are risk factors that cannot be controlled, they cannot be helped. However, if these factors place you at a high risk, it is important to take control of the factors that can be; which is what my family does. It is important to my family to maintain good health in order to keep heart disease from impacting our family. Staying in good health in order to reduce the risk of heart disease is important to many generations of my family.

From a young age I was told that it is important to stay active and remain healthy. It was easy for me to pick up on this under the influence of my family. My seventy year old grandma is still active, walking and traveling as often as she can. She volunteers as a driver for seniors who need assistance getting to appointments and also works in the Meals-On-Wheels program. My dad has always been active, healthy and dedicated to staying that way. My mom does even more. At the age of thirty nine she had a stroke. Like heart disease, strokes are generally thought of as only affecting older, unhealthy people, which is hardly the case. My mom has always been devoted to staying physically active and healthy in order to keep illness, such as heart disease, from impacting her life. After her stroke, however, she has become dedicated to help others live the same way. As the owner of a fitness center, she is committed to helping others adapt a healthy lifestyle and continue living this way. Many of her clients have a high risk of heart disease, some risk factors that can be controlled and others that cannot. My mom works hard to help her clients, her friends, lessen the risks that they do have so that they will not have to struggle with heart disease. Being surrounded by my family inspires me to do what I can in order to remain healthy myself, so that I am not at a high risk for heart disease. It is also important for to me to help others control the factors that can be so that they do not have to worry about heart disease later in life.

We are fortunate to not have heart disease risk in my family, and we want to do what we can to keep it that way while helping others realise the importance of this also. Some things you can control, and others you cannot. It is important to do what you can in order to prevent heart disease. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is an important measure to take that my family and I commit to in order to lessen the chances of a loved one being taken by one of the many diseases of the heart. Heart disease is not restricted by age. Everyone has to be aware of heart disease and make the appropriate lifestyle choices in order to ensure that heart disease does not affect them in a serious way.


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