How has the importance of health impacted you, your family, or your community?

How has the importance of health impacted you, your family, or your community?
By: Erick Alberto Quan

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that heart attacks are the most leading deaths in United States. They give an estimate of 600, 000 deaths per year and many United States citizens are not familiar with the dangers that can lead to heart attack and many are not aware of its symptoms. Knowing of such disease can change the lifestyle of someone by not only preventing heart attacks but also leading them to have a better life.

Knowing about a disease that can cause the death to anyone in a very unexpected way is very helpful, especially if the person lives a social life. Heart attacks prevent you from participating in any type of exercise, which means that you become physically inactive. Any type of agitation can trigger a heart attack. Of course, some people are in a greater danger because there are different types of heart attacks but the results always lead to death. The person must know their body and limitations in a very critical way because on stroke can lead to many others.

Realizing that in rare cases people cannot drive or even fly safely in an airplane is a fact that reveals how critical can a heart attack be for some people. Depending on the degree of the heart attack, depends on how much he or she can work, either full-time or part-time. Also smoking becomes a greater danger for the person with heart failures and drinking can become a problem because too much alcoholic beverages can cause the heart attack. Doctors say that small quantity per day can be okay but the problem is that that can lead you to drinking more and more each time. The personas sex life can become limited. This can become a great struggle with many but there are steps a person has to do and is recommended to do in order prevent a heart attack in the middle of the sexual intercourse.

Even an emotional moment can trigger your heart to fail. Stress, depression, sadness, excitement and even something that can cause an arousal in your body can be very critical. Some other diseases can cause heart failure too such as: high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. There are more other causes of heart failures but the main focus is to give anyone the idea how a heart failure can dramatically change someone’s life. People who like to eat everything will certainly have a diet to follow. Obese people would have to work out in a limited way in order to drop some weight and in order to prevent any heart attack.

There is a lot to lose when having such disease but if someone who already has a heart failure he or she will gain a healthy life style. They will have positive changes in their lives even though it is not the best circumstance to be healthy but at least the person will be able to cope with the idea and will also prevent emotional disturbances in his life and his family. The person will move on and enjoy his life in a better way but it is better to prevent it and start having a healthier life before the disease comes to your life. Even though a person can develop such disease because of genetics in the family, he or she can lower the rate to their children by living a healthy life.

People say life is too short to worry about things and that people should have fun but the problem is that life is too valuable to think in such way. When having fun time flies by because people are unaware of time but once the disease strikes them, things change and time slows down for them. The care for others and their health should become more of a priority to everyone in order to have a long lasting life with all those who they enjoy being with, especially those who desire and would love to play with their kids when they are young and old and even with their grandchildren.

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