Opportunity to Change the Outcome of your Health

Opportunity to Change the Outcome of your Health
By: Huy Dinh

Heart problem has been a crisis in my family throughout past generations. My luck in the gene pool only makes me that much more careful about what goes in my body, and maintaining my body so that I can improve my heart in any way. Everyone has the opportunity to maintain good health both physically and mentally regardless of what their genetics are.

2001 was a year of many tragedies that I would never forget. In January, I was in my grade 5 class when my teacher called me to come down to the front office. I proceeded to the front office thinking of nothing. When I got down to the office, I saw my dad with a straight face telling me that “We have to leave now”. As I walked with my dad to the car, I asked him “Where are we going?”. My dad did not respond and kept on driving. I knew something was not right, and questioned in my head the problem that he did not want to share. Moments later, I saw him in tears telling me “Your uncle has passed away this morning from a heart attack”. I was in shock, and began to put myself into denial. Fast forwarding to the wake, I stood there saying to myself, “What if this was my dad?”.

A memory that I will never forget begins on November 25th, 2001. It was exactly one month before Christmas. During that evening, our family was at the television watching Santa Clause. My dad received a phone call to come down to one of the rental units because of a leak. A half hour later, he calls my mom to tell us to come down with my uncle to help him clean up the mess that was caused by the water leakage in the rental units. We came down as soon as possible to help him mop and clean up the units. We exchanged laughs, and had a fun night. During that time my uncle and dad were talking calmly. Suddenly my dad collapses onto my uncles arms with a snoring sound. My uncle yells, “Someone call 911!”. I went to the phone and dialed 911. Minutes later, paramedics come to try to revive my dad and rushed him to the hospital after unsuccessful attempts. I cried, but what really hurt me the most was looking at my mother’s face. We rushed to the hospital right after the ambulance had taken him away. As we arrived to the emergency room, one of the doctor’s sat us down to tell us the worst news that we would ever hear. Right there, I knew that my dad had passed away, and I did not know what to think.

To this day I always reminisce and think about what if my dad was here today, what would change? Would he have been proud of me? The opportunities that I have missed in a decade without having a father hurts me the most, but what hurts the most is the milestones in life that I will be completing without my father there to witness it. What changed me the most was now I try to fight the heart problems that our family suppresses, hoping that one day my kids can grow up with a father. Krill oil gives me the extra strength so that one day I can witness my kid’s milestones.

We cannot change the past, however we can live the present, and change the outcome of the future. We can prepare ourselves for a long and healthy life, or we can prepare ourselves for a short unhealthy life. Investments that we provide to our body are well worth any cost since we cannot put a price on life.