Promoting Health

Promoting Health
By: Jonathan Yoho

As a twenty-four year old young adult I understand that the choices I make today will affect me my entire life. This reason is why I work to make the best choices that I possibly can. My goal is not to simply make it through each day, but is to do the best that I can each day to increase my chances for success in the future in everything that I pursue. I am a father, a husband, and a hard worker; all things listed I take very seriously. I want to be around to support my family for as long as possible, which is why my family and I make eating healthy and exercising a daily routine in our household.

Neither my wife nor I had grown up in families that set examples for promoting healthy lives. Both of our families are saturated with high blood pressure, heart disease, heart failure, and diabetes. We have made it our goal not to end up with these diseases by changing our life styles. Our diets used to be full of fast food, chips, soda, and junk food. We realized that we were gaining weight and were feeling sluggish about one and a half years ago, and came to the realization that we needed to change our diet. We started by replacing our white bread with whole grain bread, which gave us more fiber. We started weaning off of soda, and soon started drinking only one can a week compared to six cans a day. After feeling much more energized we eventually added in fresh fruits and vegetables into every meal, which helped lower the amount of salt that we were eating. A staple food for us is chicken; we have replaced red meat with chicken to keep our cholesterol low because I know that it leads to clogged arteries. I am not perfect, but sincerely try to eat as healthy as I can to keep the blood pumping strongly throughout my body.

I understand that another important factor in keeping your heart healthy is exercise. I know that exercise causes your heart to pump more efficiently. Benefits of exercising include things such as decreased incidence of obesity, lower blood pressure, decreased plaque in arteries, and a decreased chance of diabetes. “It is recommended that individuals exercise moderately for a half an hour at least five days a week, or exercise vigorously for twenty minutes three days a week” (Lewis 746). I work hard to stay physically fit. What most people do not realize is that working out can be fun; working out does not only include running, or jumping jacks. I chose to have an active job at Wal-Mart, where I push carts the entire shift. I constantly am running around the entire shift and it feels great; I feel mentally and physically healthier and happier. My wife and I realize that in this world children are more likely than ever to have insufficient amounts of exercise due to the technology of today, but we are discouraging this and instilling the value of exercise for our two year old son. We do not want him to fall into the trap of obesity that is so common; we do everything possible to keep him healthy for the future.

My wife is in nursing school and ever since she told me that worrying can lead to heart problems, I have tried to reduce my stress level. I know that when I get stressed out, angry, or anxious I feel my heart beating faster and harder which I understand is unhealthy. I try to decrease my stress by looking at the larger picture when I am having a bad day. Even on the days when my wife and I are worried about our financial situation we know that it is only temporary and that our hard work and sacrifices will pay off soon. I like to relieve stress by running around outside with my son, painting cars, or going to feed the local ducks with my family.

I am not a person that only thinks about today, but thinks about the future for myself and my family. Family is very important to me and I want to be around with them as long as possible, with the least amount of complications. A lot of diseases such as high blood pressure can be preventable in most cases, and I try my best to prevent diseases. I watch what I eat, get up and move whenever possible, and try to reduce the amount of stress in my life to live a longer, healthier life.

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