The Healthy Road to a Healthy Heart and Well Holistic Being

The Healthy Road to a Healthy Heart and Well Holistic Being

In order for an individual to maintain a healthy life style and have a healthy heart, one must not only work on the physical looks but also, one must change their eating habits. The change in the diet would decrease the chances of one being at the risk of heart diseases. Healthy habits such as eating foods low in saturated fats and exercising regularly increase the chances of one not to be vulnerable to coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular. A person must also eliminate using tobacco products. Individuals must know which foods are healthy for their diets and how many times to exercise daily and follow those routines with support from family and friends to accomplish their goal.

How can one improve their life for a better one? A person should learn about rich and healthy diets which include: fruits, vegetables, cardio exercises, avoiding smoking and the use of alcohol. While coronary heart disease has contributed to so many deaths in America, if individuals follow the easy steps of eating right and exercising, those deaths caused by those heart diseases could decrease. In an article by PhDs, Brown R. Jeremiah and Gerard T. O’Conner states that, “Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States: in 2006, it resulted in 631,636 deaths in this country. 1 Coronary heart disease accounts for 68% of these deaths and affects more than a million Americans each year. 2 Common risk factors for coronary heart disease include hypertension, high cholesterol levels, cigarette smoking, obesity, and a family history of heart disease” (New England Medical Journal).

The healthy road also includes people caring about their bodies and not being lazy. If individuals would start giving up unhealthy habits such as sitting on a couch with a beer in hand and popcorn on the side while watching the game and change that pattern to one where they are running with a bottle of water, it could completely transform an individual’s entire 1ife. Healthy diets include, decreasing the amount of sugar consumed daily while an individual is also decreasing the chances of getting diabetes. Next, a person should give up all tobaccos not just cigarettes to decrease the chances of that individual becoming more prone to having heart attacks and that cigarette eliminating the desire to exercise. Most weight management programs recommend thirty minutes of physical activities such as running and lifting heavy items. However, activities such playing soccer, basketful and football with friends encourage the individual to push further. An individual achieves both a promoted health, a decrease in the chances of being obese and the desire to continue the activities to reach their goals.

However, some individuals wonder which foods are healthy to eat and which ones are right for them. In this case, the most helpful answer to their question would be the food pyramid. The pyramid consists of grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and meat and beans. For example, whole grains are one of the largest contributors to lowering cholesterol. The food pyramid guides an individual through all everyday healthy food necessities. It also displays the right amount of calories that a person should consume to avoid going over the limit of their everyday calorie need.

In addition to promoting a robust lifestyle, the influence of family and friends are the biggest encouragement to staying on the road of healthy habits. If a person has emotional and social support that want them to be healthy, the chances of the individual continuing to follow healthy habits increases more than ever. The transformation of the lifestyle also helps improve an individuals’ self-esteem, acceptance of others, have a satisfied life, be positive and be more outgoing. It also reduces stress and the risk of the person going into a depression. These changes help stimulate an individual’s happiness. However, having a sense of humor reduces the chances of that individual to have a heart attack. Poor health decisions lead people not to live the full life they were intended to live and so that has to be changed with everyday healthy choices.

The life that each individual was given should not go to waste due to heart disease and wrong decisions. Life is too precious so a person should act fast to change what is threating to take away their life. It needs to be lived to the fullest until it can no longer be, but it should not be not be lost heart diseases or obesity.