Three Simple Steps to a Healthy Life Style

Three Simple Steps to a Healthy Life Style
By: Harley Brugger

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?”
“Help me! My husband is down after grabbing his chest at the dinner table. He is not breathing and is turning blue!” The sirens blared as they rushed to the address in Alabama. I have a person down not breathing and turning blue according to the wife. Once paramedics reached the home cardiopulmonary resuscitation was started. The nearby hospital was called to let them know a priority1 was on the way in. Once received at the emergency room, the code team was set in motion. CPR was continued and cardiac drugs administered. Monitors were being watched, IV bags were hung, and nurses frantically obeying orders. The doctor shouts across the room, “We need to intubate or we are going to lose the patient.” As time went on the patient was successfully intubated and once stabilized admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. The patient was monitored and given the correct medications to stabilize the heart and breathing. After a few days, the patient had eventually been weaned from the ventilator. The cardiologist told the patient they had found two coronary vessels that were blocked as 75% causing the myocardial infarction. The patient was giving one option if he wanted to continue to live and that was to change his way of living. When it comes to humans and a healthy life style you can say we earn a D grade. We lack ambition to exercise, good healthy eating habits, and education on how to live healthy.

According to The American Heart Association, if you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, you can reduce your risk of heart disease and increase your life by approximately 2 hours (American Heart Association). You can start out small by walking 5 to 10 minutes before and after you eat and increase it as you can tolerate it. You can also do all your own housework instead of hiring it out. Park a distance away from the supermarket doors and walk as you will feel better. Do small tasks at home such as walking the dog, taking out the garbage and even getting up and getting yourself a drink instead of asking others to do it for you. This is a good way to show your children how to stay active and healthy and lead by example.

Eating healthy isn’t easy to start off with, but once you are on the right track it should be simple. You can start by making your kitchen the healthy hub by using healthy preparation routine and using nutritious foods. Start by using resources such as cookbooks, healthy living magazines, and recipes. Heart smart shopping is shopping for healthy and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, which should equal at least 4 ½ cups per day, lean meats 3 ½ ounce servings a day, whole grains at least three one ounce serving a day, salt less than 1500 mg each day, beverages with sugar of no more than 36 ounces a week. These foods are a wide variety of nutritious foods eaten in small quantities on a daily basis, which can lead to a better life style.

Living a healthier life is based on being educated on how to live a healthier life. There are several avenues in which one can become educated on how to become healthier in order to prevent a disease. These avenues consist of medical related internet sites, educational reading from magazines and books, specialists and a primary care physician. The more you read, the more you will become aware of how to maintain the disease in which you may have experienced.

Based on the cardiac patient, he has been given tools to help him maintain a healthier life style such as being involved with exercises provided by the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program he was placed in after he was discharged from the hospital. A heart healthy diet had been instituted by the nutritionist specialist while hospitalized along with educational materials provided to him by the American Heart Association in order for the patient to continue pursuing a healthy life style. Other Americans have the same opportunities and avenues to explore. These people are at the same risks of our heart attack victim if they don’t change their life styles.

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