Your Health, Your Happiness

Your Health, Your Happiness
By: Craig Dudley Morris Jr.

For many generations, heart disease and diabetes have been a problem within my family. Most of my relatives have tried to stay healthy but as they got older, it became harder for them to maintain. I believe that taking care of your health is the foundation of having confidence and happiness.

Not every human is born healthy. Some people are born with birth effects or have been well fed while growing up like myself. Even though being unhealthy from the start makes life difficult, this does not give us an excuse to let our bodies down. We all have a chance to become the way we want to be. I am a big guy and for me, getting “the body” is hard. I remain free from health issues because exercise and push myself whenever I can. Doing intense exercises can be helpful but honestly, being consistent with work outs that make you sweat is what really matters.

At first, I didn’t understand how important having a good heart was until a few years ago with my sister. She had a near death experience and from that, she has a bad heart. This was a when I had an epiphany about having a healthy life. Believe it or not, most people do not realize how serious living is until they almost lose theirs. I saw that by respecting your body, less stress and problems occurred.

As I grew up, I saw that when people treat their bodies with respect, it pays off in both outwardly and inwardly. Even if you are not a confident person, you will see that every little bit of effort counts, especially towards your health. I am a good example of that. Lately, I have not had enough time to complete a proper daily exercise. Because of that, I started making smarter decisions about my food choices. Although I lost some weight (which was what I wanted) I saw that I wanted to do more and that I could if I prioritized. Making sure that I have a long life is only my responsibility. Even though being busy at all times will make me lack some things, I have to remember what is getting me to those places and helping me get through those procedures towards success, my body.

If the concern about your health is floating around in the back of your mind, acknowledge it, listen to it, and respond to it. Nobody wants to see themselves become the person who depends on medication because he or she simply did not exercise for 30 minutes per day. As for myself, I want to be alive to enjoy what I have worked for. Being healthy is where it starts