All About Fish, Krill, Algae, and More: Resources for Aquarium Owners

Keeping a well-maintained aquarium takes a good deal of planning and care, but the results are always well worth it. The first step is to decide whether the aquarium will house saltwater or fresh water fish. Depending on this, the methods for feeding and maintaining the water quality will differ to some degree. The resources below will help novices as well as experienced aquarium owners learn more about the best techniques and information for having an aquarium at home.

Aquarium Setup

Setting Up a Saltwater Aquarium

This helpful guide covers the basics of everything needed to start a saltwater aquarium, from tank size to heat, light and filters.

Saltwater Aquarium Setup Guide

This setup guide is outlined with a list of items needed along with easy to understand steps to ensure that nothing is forgotten when establishing a new saltwater tank.

Basic Concepts of Setting Up a Freshwater Aquarium

This article takes readers through the essentials necessary for starting a freshwater aquarium indoors.

How to Setup a Freshwater Aquarium

A list of simple instructions will help even beginners to successfully set up a beautiful freshwater tank.

Tips on Starting a Freshwater Aquarium

Numerous tips in this guide will help aquarium owners to correctly organize and prepare a freshwater aquarium at home.

Taking Care of Marine Pets

A Guide to Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Select the best inhabitants for your aquarium by perusing through this comprehensive list of freshwater fish. Each link leads to a page of further detailed information on the needs of each fish in terms of feeding, temperature and companion fish.

Caring for Starfish

Starfish coming in many different shapes and sizes and they can sometimes be tricky to care for. This article examines the various types of starfish and provides plenty of advice on how to let them thrive in an aquarium.

Understanding Fish Nutrition, Feeds, and Feeding

Learn how often fish need to be fed and what types of food are best for them.

Feeding Advice for a Coral Reef Aquarium

Aquariums that contains coral reef typically require slightly different care in what food is provided and how often.

Planting Your Aquarium

This pamphlet by the Department of Horticulture at Purdue University contains information on how to arrange different types of plants in an aquarium so they bring out the aesthetic quality of the tank as well as provide shelter for the fish.

Aquatic Plant Care

This comprehensive guide in a question-and-answer format provides plenty of information on how to care for the plants in an aquarium as well as which types are compatible with certain fish.

Maintaining the Aquarium

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Saltwater Aquarium

In this article, aquarium owners simply follow a series of outlined steps for regular maintenance of their saltwater tank. An embedded video helps to better illustrate the steps.

Saltwater Aquarium Cheat Sheet

This handy guide would be great to print out for easy reference for the maintenance schedule for a saltwater aquarium.

Maintaining a Freshwater Tank

Learn how to clean a freshwater tank and how often it needs to be maintained. This article also includes a list of additional reading resources.

How to Cycle a Tank with Ammonia

Whereas some aquarium owners introduce additional fish to help get rid of toxins caused by fish excrements, this guide by a science librarian at California State Polytechnic University instructs users on how to accomplish the same thing with a few household materials.

How to Adjust the pH Levels in a Tank

This detailed article explains the concepts of pH values, how to measure it and how to regulate the pH in the aquarium.

When is Algae Bad?

Learn all about the different types of algae and what they look like, as well as when and how to remove it.

Diseases & Treatment

What is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis?

Read all about Ich, a disease that commonly afflicts fish in aquariums and learn how to combat it.

Tropical Fish Problem Solver Chart

A chart from the Green Bay Aquarium Society with a plethora of aquarium problems with information on appearance of the problem, cause, and proper action to solve the issue.

Problems with Aquatic Plants

Find out why aquarium plants might be ailing and how to treat them back to health.

Diagnose a Fish Disease

Each of the main diseases that may affect aquarium fish are outlined in this article with the symptoms, explanation of the illness and how it can be remedied.

Other Aquarium Resources

Snails in the Aquarium

While some snails can be useful for cleaning the bottom of the aquarium, too many can become a hassle.

Aquarium Corner Filters

This article reviews and provides tips on how to select and use corner filters for aquariums.

Water Treatment for Aquariums

Find out how tap water should be treated when added to an aquarium and how to use nitrite testing kits.

Miscellaneous Aquarium Tips and Advice

This page covers several small but important questions that aquarium owners may ask, such as feeding tips, which fish to avoid, how many fish can be added to a tank, what to do when relocating, and how to remove dead fish.

The benefits of Krill Oil in your diet

Krill aren’t so great as an aquarium pet but they are wonderful for your health. Read this page for information on all the benefits Krill Oil can offer you.