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Can krill oil be taken for ApoE4 gene variant?

While there are no significant studies reporting the effects of krill oil supplementation and APoE4 gene variant, there are significant studies regarding omega-3 supplementation, like those found in krill oil. Omega-3 supplementation such as EPA and DHA, two essential fatty acids found in krill oil, have been shown to improve cognitive function and cardiovascular health. The primary differences between fish oil and krill oil are the structure to which the omega-3’s are bound, which significantly impacts how the omega-3’s are absorbed in the body. The omega-3’s in krill oil are bound to phospholipids, which comprise the identical structure of human cell walls. This allows them to be easily recognized by the body as they are highly absorbable. Additionally, the omega-3’s in krill oil have been clinically shown to cross the blood-brain barrier, which allows the exchange of nutrients between the blood and the brain more easily. We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider to determine which form of supplementation is most suitable for you.

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