Krill Oil: Stop That “Krilling” Pain From Your Arthritis

Are you suffering from arthritis pain? Dealing with the pain from Arthritis can be a daily annoyance up to a life debilitating condition. No matter where you currently lie on the spectrum, you should not have to deal with pain on a daily basis. If you cannot enjoy your favorite activities or are having trouble maintaining fluidity in your joints, you should nip it in the bud as soon as possible. This is not something you have to handle. Treatments are readily available and there are plenty of options to alleviate the arthritis symptoms. One of the products with the most success in Arthritis pain relief is Krill Oil.

Krill is a small crustacean, similar to shrimp. They live in colder oceans throughout the world, primarily in the North Pacific and Antarctic. They are generally only one to five centimeters long but krill is actually the largest animal biomass on Earth. There are currently 500 million tons of Krill within the northern seas.

A Krill Oil supplement is a combination of omega-3 fatty acids, including eicosapentanoic acid and docosahexanoic acid or EPA and DHA, respectively. Within the EPA is an astaxanthin molecule, an anti-oxidant known to enable vitamin absorption. Krill oil supplements also include phosphatidylcholine which is known to reduce stress and is a natural emulsifier. Finally, Vitamins E, A, C and the anti-oxidant canthaxanthin are also included.

Krill Oil supplements are 48 times more potent than fish oil supplements with anti-oxidant benefits. There are also reports of krill oil protecting against skin damage and ultra-violet rays. Adult ADHD has shown improvement through krill oil, as have dysmenorrhea and general PMS. Krill oil is also beneficial for heart patients. It has been proven to reduce LDL-cholestoral while increasing HDL-cholesterol. Krill oil also naturally reduces blood sugar. The best benefit of krill oil is within pain relief. Krill oil has dramatically reduced pain associated with arthritis overall, including rheumatoid arthritis. It is important to remember that as with all supplements, it may take a few weeks to be most effective. If you do not see results immediately, do not increase dosage or stop treatment without consulting your physician. You should not replace krill oil with a daily pain medication. Instead, you should regularly take your krill oil supplements and allow time for the nutrients to take full effect.

Due to the vitamins and anti-oxidants within the krill oil supplements, your body can quickly and effectively absorb beneficial nutrients. The natural fatty acids and antioxidants are known to aid in pain relief. As fatty acids have natural blood thinning properties, it will work similar to an NSAID but slower, without as many health risks. Krill oil will naturally help reduce inflammation and decrease pain within your joints. Although krill oil is known to take time, the studies speak for themselves on krill oil treatments.

Research on krill includes the Journal of Nutrition. After conducting research on a group of overweight rats, krill oil proved to decrease fat buildup in the hearts of the animals by 42%. Compare that with fish oil which only reported a 2% decrease. Fats in the livers of the rats were reduced by 60%, in comparison to the 38% with fish oil. Although most research on krill oil is currently in development, it has been proven to be a safe and effective naturally-derived supplement.

If you are currently suffering from chronic joint inflammation, you do not have to continue to live in pain. Krill oil is naturally effective at decreasing inflammation and increasing beneficial nutrient flow into the bloodstream. Taking a krill oil supplement is easy and safe, requiring only a moment of your time. Featuring essential omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins, krill oil can remedy your pain. You don’t have to settle with arthritis pain, head to your local pharmacy or supplement store and purchase krill oil today!

The following is a selection of krill oil references, including medical research on the benefits of krill oil supplements.