What Makes Krill Oil So Unique

spoonMany people wonder why krill oil is so much more powerful than fish oil. The answer lies in a little-known antioxidant powerhouse called “astaxanthin”. Astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant in the carotenoid family, creating the beautiful shades of red found within shrimp, salmon and krill.

University studies show astaxanthin to be up to 500x more effective than vitamin E, 1x more effective than beta-carotene and 4x more effective than lutein in various measures of antioxidant effectiveness. It is one of the most astounding antioxidants known to scientists, yet rarely talked about in the mainstream media.

This antioxidant has a remarkable way of defending cells against the effects of free radicals. It is one of the few antioxidants capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and able to shuttle essential nutrients throughout your body.

How much more effective does this make Krill Oil over fish oil?

See for yourself…

Krill Oil is

more effective in helping sustain healthy cholesterol levels

Source: Clinical Course of Hyperlipidemia

more effective in improving the appearance of skin

Source: Alternative Medicine Review

more effective in promoting brain health

Source: Therapeutic Value in Major Depression

more effective in helping with cramps, fluid retention and mood changes associated with the menstrual cycle

Source: Premenstrual Syndrome and Dysmenorrhea

In fact, Krill Oil…

Is Safer than Fish Oil

Fish oil is notorious for high mercury and PCB levels. Krill is not exposed to these toxins as it is harvested from the Antarctic Ocean, rendering these dangerous chemicals virtually non-existent.

Absorbs Better than Fish Oil

The omega-3 fatty acids in Viva Naturals Krill Oil are structured in phospholipid form so they are more easily absorbed and broken down by your body. Most fish oils are structured in triglyceride form, making them difficult for our bodies to break down and convert, rendering them less effective.

Contains One of the Most Powerful Antioxidants on Earth

Naturally, krill oil contains powerful health-promoting astaxanthin, however Viva Naturals’ unique formula contains higher levels than existing brands, making it the most superior krill oil on the market! This antioxidant miracle battles free radicals and is a major contributor to the dozens of benefits krill oil offers.

Is More Pure than Fish Oil

The problem with most fish oils is that they are harvested from large, massive fish that contain high levels of mercury as compared to krill oil. Additionally, these fish are harvested in toxic waters. Viva Naturals Krill Oil is harvested in the deep, pristine waters of Antarctica from wild krill containing virtually non-existent levels of mercury and other toxins.

Has No Smelly “Fish Oil” Taste or Burps

Krill oil is loved for its ability to give you much better results than fish oil, without any of the annoying “fish burps” you’re probably used to.

Over 40, 000 Smart Folks Have Already Trusted
Viva Naturals Krill Oil To Help Them…

Encourage Cardiovascular Health

Encourage Cardiovascular Health

A study conducted at McGill University confirms that krill oil helps support arterial and overall cardiovascular function with regards to healthy weight management and cholesterol levels.

Support Healthy Weight Management

Support Healthy Weight Management

Triglycerides are a type of fat in your blood. Low triglyceride levels are essential for optimal kidney and liver function. The study conducted at McGill University confirms the ability of krill oil to help maintain healthy triglyceride levels and to support a healthy liver overall.

Sustain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Sustain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

In healthy individuals, there is a proper balance between HDL “good” cholesterol and LDL “bad” cholesterol. A McGill University study also confirms that, in addition to supporting overall arterial and cardiovascular function, krill oil can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Maintain Razor-Sharp Mental Concentration and Focus

Maintain Razor-Sharp Mental Concentration and Focus

Feeling a little foggy? Having difficulties staying focused and thinking clearly? Krill oil has been shown to boost brain health, including mental concentration and focus, helping you stay sharp as a tack as you age.

Helps Maintain Healthy Inflammatory Pathways

Helps Maintain Healthy Inflammatory Pathways

A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition concludes that krill oil is effective in promoting healthy inflammatory pathways, essential to overall joint and cardiovascular health.

Promotes Healthy,  Mobile Joints

Promotes Healthy, Mobile Joints

Annoyed by creaky, sore, stiff joints? Krill oil is full of omega-3 fatty acids that permeate your joints and support healthy metabolic pathways. A study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, confirms that krill oil is effective in a variety of aspects of ways, lubricating the joints and helping maintain healthy inflammatory pathways.

Helps Maintain Your Skin’s Healthy Glow

Helps Maintain Your Skin’s Healthy Glow

Krill oil is a rich source of omega-3 and astaxanthin. Both omega-3 fatty acids and astaxanthin have been shown to defend cells and DNA against the effects of free radicals, helping to maintain the youthful appearance of skin.


The Proprietary 2-Step Process Which Makes Our
Krill Oil More Powerful than Fish Oil

Oxidation is the process of a chemical being exposed to air. When certain compounds are exposed to air, they quickly decompose and die. This can happen in as little as 2-3 hours, which is why other krill oil supplements are rendered less effective. Viva Naturals Krill Oil has shown to be more effective at protecting against the effects of oxidation.

When ordering any type of krill oil, you need to understand the process in which the krill is harvested
and processed. It must be done in a way that reduces oxidation and keeps the antioxidants thriving.

We use a proprietary 2-step process that eliminates decomposition and has been shown to significantly increase antioxidant power than fish oil. This includes…

Step #1: Harvested and Processed On Our “Floating Factory”

We utilize a unique proprietary extraction process whereby as soon as our krill is harvested, it is immediately processed on board our ship. This eliminates the possibility of decomposition and keeps your krill fresh and high in potency. We don’t know of a single other manufacturer who does the same.

Step #2: Capture The Krill Oil In An Airtight Capsule

Viva Naturals Krill Oil is then quickly captured and secured in an airtight capsule, using our proprietary Capliques® technology. These Capliques® work in two unique ways…

  1. Proprietary Sealing – Capliques® uses an innovative band-sealing technology that minimizes leakage and prevents odor. It also utilizes a proven application that is more natural and doesn’t require additional fillers or binders.
  2. Advanced Delivery System – Capliques® provides a quadruple benefit by utilizing a two-phase delivery system that simultaneously requires no other excipients, limits oxidation, improves bioavailability and increases absorption rates.

By using this sealing and delivery system and combining it with the most potent blend of krill oil we’ve come across, you get better results at a cheaper price.

Why Our Krill Oil?
Here Are 7 Great Reasons…

Viva Naturals
Krill Oil
Leading Dr. Brand
Leading Mfr. Brand
Contains 1, 200 mg
of Krill Oil?
Yes, 1, 250 mg
per serving
No, 1, 000 mg of
Krill Oil
No, 1, 000 mg of
Krill Oil
Omega-3 Fatty
Acids Content
300 mg
Not listed
300 mg
165 mg
100 mg
150 mg
95 mg
55 mg
90 mg
500 mg
400 mg
400 mg
1.6 mg (1, 600 mcg)
1 mg
1.25 mg (1250 mcg)
Yes, see lab report
For the names of the competing brands or more information please call our customer service at: 1-877-217-0458
Highest Potency – We’ve searched for another krill oil as potent and powerful as ours. We still have not found a single krill oil on the market that provides the same benefits, especially at the same price! We have created the best “bang for your buck” of any krill oil you’ll find…anywhere.
No Unpleasant Taste – Most krill oil comes with a very unpleasant odor. We’ve been able to neutralize this odor using our proprietary Capliques® technology, virtually eliminating the odor by placing a sealed band around the center, ensuring oil and antioxidants are never exposed to air. This keeps it from going rancid in addition to dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of the antioxidants contained within.
No Fillers or Binders – Our proprietary Capliques® delivery system actually allows you to see the krill oil inside the capsules. It uses a unique sealing process which doesn’t require fillers or binders, meaning you get 100% pure Antarctic krill oil at the highest potency possible!
Scientifically Proven – Numerous studies have been conducted on krill oil, showing its unique ability to help you feel younger, add more cardiovascular protection, helping to lubricate joints, along with dozens of other incredible benefits.
Works In 90 Days Or You Don’t Pay – Most people experience noticeable results within just days of continued use. The longer you take our krill oil, the more these benefits compound and the better you’ll feel. If you are unsatisfied with Viva Naturals Krill Oil within 90 days of trial, simply send back your product, opened or unopened, and receive a full refund. No questions asked.
Independently Tested – We’ve been independently certified and tested by both the International Krill Oil Standards Program, as well as Consumer Lab and have received a 5-star rating, surpassing their most stringent tests.
As Little As 66 Cents Per Day – Continue reading to see how you can get the most effective, most well-researched krill oil on the market today at such little cost!

If You Don’t Feel a Noticeable Difference,
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90-days-money-back-guarantee-seal We’ve spent years researching, with heavy investment, in order to deliver the most potent and powerful krill oil formula on the market today.

Give Viva Naturals Krill Oil a test-drive. See how it works for you. If you don’t feel a noticeable improvement in the way you feel and look, if your health markers haven’t increased or if you don’t notice a dramatic difference in the way you live your daily life, just send it back at ANY time within 90 days for a full 100% refund.

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